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South End Radio is a dream come true of Anthony Agius. Anthony has been in the media scene for the past 35 years. He worked in various Local TV stations and Radio stations. Communication is a prime inspiration for Anthony as wherever he worked he had to meet different people coming from all around the world. He started working for Television Malta in the late 1977 where he worked as a still photographer and later as a News Gathering Cameraman. This was his first push in the popular media field, although he was a freelance  film cameraman since 1968, shooting family movies, weddings and other social occasions for various companies.

After 2 years with the only local TV station, Anthony was employed with the Department of Information as a Film Technician. During this period, Mr. Agius served with five Prime Ministers. He witnessed numerous National ceremonies where he had the privilege as a Photographer for the Prime Minister   being in the front line of all accredited local and foreign photographers.

The most important occasion that Anthony witnessed was , the Bush- Gorbachev  Summit , where he had the opportunity to meet the world’s most important leaders. Two days that Anthony will never forget.

From these important occasions, Anthony always experienced the art of communicating and how to deliver messages to colleagues.

At this time Mr. Agius had various other engagements with local TV and Radio stations, namely, Smash Radio & TV, Super One TV, Radio Mediterranean ,  Education Channel 22 and TVM. 

Apart from these assignments Anthony had for a long time been an amateur  Movie Maker, doing feature films and documentaries for the local market and also for foreign Film Festivals, in which he won various titles. Mr. Agius was the first  Maltese film Maker, that ever won the F.I.V.A. in Portugal in 2007.

Anthony’s passion for this fantastic  subject goes back to his childhood where he always pretended to do some radio broadcast with cardboard boxes and scrap wire.

More recently Mr. Agius now as a pensioner, had more time to use , so he joined numerous Community radios where he produced and presented different kind of programmes. This generated a great interest in him which urged him to find out what possibilities are there so he can have his own radio station. After consulting wife his wife Miriam, they agreed to transform their house garage into a radio studio. The work was commenced on March 2011. Work involved was great as the garage needed a face lift which Anthony and some other workers carried out for months.

The structural work was complete by the end of August 2011, other work including plumbing and electricity had to be done to suit the studio necessities.

By November, all wiring, plumbing, gypsum works, wood and aluminium works, where completed.

Now all the attention was aimed at getting the right equipment for the studio, This included the audio mixer, microphones, compact disk player, four computers, portable digital recorder, leads and other things.

To be able to transmit, one needs to have a transmitter. So the first option was to purchase a good reliable transmitter that was capable and in form to the MCA requirements. The choice was made and a 30 watt stereo model from VR Italy was ordered. To have your transmitter working one need also an antenna and this was purchased locally. Antenna was fitted by two veteran antenna assembly men from my village.

Now everything seems to be assembled but I had the need to be able to put the radio on internet streaming. To do this I had the help of a local community station which gave me permission and put my radio on streaming through his server. For this I wish to thank ,Fr. John , director of U Communications, FONDAZZJONI XANDIR SOCIO-RELIGJUZ ,for his generosity and great help.